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About US

Emotions DanceSport was created by Simeon Stoynov & Kora Stoynova. They are the 9-Time Reigning Pacific Northwest Regional Champions, were Youth National Champions in 2002, and are two of the most sought after teachers in the Northwest. We specialize in First Wedding Dance Lessons, Social Dance Lessons, and Competitive Dance Lessons for all ages. For more information on our accomplishments please read on:


International Accomplishments

Internatially we compete at all of the major competitions, which include the World Standard Championships, World 10-Dance Championships, World Classical Showdance Championships, UK Championships, Blackpool Dance Festival, and the International Championships. We also represent Bulgaria at the European Standard Championships, European Classical Showdance Championships, and the European 10-Dance Championships.

At the 2010 World Standard Championships we finished 37th. At the 2010 World Classical Showdance we finished 9th. And at the 2011 UK Championships we finished between 24 and 48th (final marks are still not out).

We are one of the only couples in the Pacific Northwest that has had similar international success, and we continue to train as hard as we can whether we are back home in our studio or on the road.


Our Coaches

As with most hightly competitive interntional couples we have many coaches and teachers that support us. We can never achieve everything that we do without their help. Some of our coaches we see on a regular basis and some when we are in London. We don't have any local coaches. All of our coaches have two things in common - they are all former competitors that have been very successful in their own carreers and all coach or coached top couples.

This is a list of some of our coaches: Michael and Vicki Barr (5-Time World Champions), Marcus and Karen Hilton (9-Time World Champions), Richard and Janet Gleave (8-Time World Champions), Anne Gleave, Glen Brennan, Charlotte Jorgensen, John Wood, Andrew Sinkinson, Gary McDonald, Katusha Demidova, Victor Fung, Anna Mikhed, Goran Nordin, Barbara McColl, Stephen Hillier, and Ieva Pauksena.

So as you can see the list is quite large but we are where we are all thanks to them.


Our Own Wedding Dance

We have been dancing together for over 11 years now. 3 and a half years ago we got married and of course we had to do a Wedding Dance. Everyone was expecting it of course. We wanted to do something that we had never done before so we did Argentine Tango. If you need help with your Wedding Dance we are the ones to contact.


Our Sponsors

We also would not have been able to accomplish everything without our sponsors. We have full sponsors and partial sponsors.

Designs by Olga is our sponsor for Kora's Ballgowns and Latin Dresses. She is located in Everett and is higly recommended in the Pacific Northwest - although she works with clients from around North America. Because of her deep involvement with the competitive world (also a former US National Champion) her designs are creative and professional. Designs by Olga also has very competitive prices so make sure to contact them for your dress needs or you can contact us to connect you with her.

Ray Rose is our other full sponsor. Ray Rose is one of the 4 major international dance shoe companies. They make by far the best shoes - although of course everyone likes something different. For us, nothing comes close to the quality, comfort, and style as Ray Rose. They are also consistently the best in price just check them out - that's all we ask. We are not a distributor but would be glad to get you a pair if you need help

Bespoke - Pure Class is a partial sponsor. They design and make my tailsuits and dinner jackets. Great quality and they do travel to North America frequently to make sure that you get a great fitting. Very important for custom suits. They also make accessories such as men's dress shirts, bow ties, and collars.

A & D Couture is another partial sponsor. They specialize in men's latin pants. Three things make them the best: speed, quality, and price. Pants can be made in only a few days, they are custom made to ensure a perfect fit, and the price is as good as you can find - trust us. Of course do your research but start with them.


Teaching Experience

We have been teaching full time since 2000 and of-course before that we were Regional Champions in Youth. In those 11 years we have worked with countless wedding couples getting their first dances ready, social couples looking for something fun to do together, or competitive couples getting ready for competitions.

Although we teach a lot of the top competitors in the Pacific Northwest (including former US National Junior Champions), we always leave time for Wedding and Social couples as we enjoy dancing socially ourselves and also did a wedding dance at our wedding. It is a lot of fun to work with a range of couples so don't be afraid of contacting us even for a Wedding Dance.


3 Lesson Package

3 Full hour private lessons with Simeon or Kora. Your choice Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, or Jive. New Students Only.




Upcoming Event!


2008 International Fundraiser Dance Show

City Lights Ball

Two days of competition for Amateur, Youth, Professional, and Pro/AmA. City Lights Ball is a "Must Go To" competition on the West Coast. NDCA recognized and also a DanceSport Series Event. Lcoated in San Jose on January 29th and 30th. Organized by Barbara Gore and Glenn Weiss.

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