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2008 International Fundraiser Dance Show


Join us this Sunday for the Washington Dance Club dance party. We will be going after the "Line Moves" seminar from 6-7pm.


2008 International Fundraiser Dance Show

NEXT EVENT: San Francisco Open

Three days of Pro-Am, Amateur, and Professional competition. Located at the San Francisco Ariport Marriott on March 31st - April 3rd. Kora and I will be at the comp competing in Pro-Am and Professional so if you are interested in attending please let us know.

Website: www.sfopen.com



Updated Newsletter Format


I have decided to try an improved version of my email communication where I send one email followed by a correction email. I am turning a new leaf and plan on keeping you updated in style. Some of you may prefer the email version so if you do please let me know as I take your opinions seriously.


With this new format I can write more details and can post articles by Kora or myself as well as videos and pictures so it should be more complete, fun, and provide me with endless hours of entertainment and work on long flights.

City Lights Summary and Pictures


City Lights Ball was a huge success. All together there were of 11 of us. Some of us went down on Friday morning - some of us missed flights (Danielle and Pat) but I won't mention any names, and some of us came on Saturday morning. The 7 of us that went on Friday morning spent the day at china and the evening in Japan town, just accross the pacific ocean. Our local guide was Jeff Chen and he made sure he returned us all alive - terribly tired with broken baoding balls - well at least one.


Full Summary and Gallery...

Silver Samba Videos - Only 1 Week Late


Definite improvement in speed delivering these videos of the Silver Samba routines to you. I have surpassed expectations and have included not only one video of the routine with counts but also one to music. Those videos are going to be posted on the dance pages:








I have also included bigger versions but since they don't fit the dance pages I have created a separate spot for them:




My next project will be the Samba bounce vs rhythm timing, hopefully I will have time today - especially if there is snow! Again any suggestions are appreciated.

"The Heel Pivoting Action" - by Kora Stoynova


Heel turns are difficult. Heel turns done well take years of training. Given the difficulty and the common occurance of heel turns in International Style Standard dancing, it is of no surprise that many misconceptions have arisen as to the performance of heel turns. In this article, I will offer some advice as to the correct performance of heel turns, and I hope to be able to offer some tips that will lead to a greater intellectual understanding of this commonly misunderstood action.


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